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2015-04-23 04:59:45 by AggyQuist

Kinda dropped off for a while there :P

Well I made an animation for picoday but it was worthless so I'm just gonna bandon all that and see if i get into new stuff soon. It's been busy for me on other parts of life but that'll probably be gone soon :)

Oh and don't worry about me not beeing supportive by not participating in stuff I instead became a supporter which might've been a waste of money atm but it was totally worht it :D

Stencyl Jam & Pico Day

2015-03-24 19:58:13 by AggyQuist

I am working on something for both Stencyl jam and Pico Day.

However I don't know if I'm gonna be able to finish both since I struggle with work, learning Stencyl and getting software wich is not just a trial :P

So... For Pico Day I'm working on an animation not expecting mush since it'll be my first but have always wanted to make an animation. I'm also working on a digital drawing that might just end up as ordinary fan-art but I really don't mind ;)

And for the Stencyl Jam I'm working on a little game (Duh) it changed a bit from the original idea because I just don't have the skills I wish I had But oh well, I'm learning :)

Finally... Art

2015-03-16 13:14:40 by AggyQuist

I've always drawn because I thought it was fun. But there has always been something missing, something deeper. To me art has always been something more than awesome pieces, its been about meaning and deepness a place that for me has been out of reach.

However I recently finished a piece with that extra I've been seeking. I believe I finally leveled up.

It's a piece about time and might just be the beginning of a new era for me :D

It's pretty simplistic but feel free to go check it out if you'd like ;)